The biggest challenge Riverside faces is the Homeless Crisis.

Some believe there is a simple solution to homelessness.

Yet Riverside’s homeless population increased almost 20% since last year.

Others say we can never resolve homelessness. They place the blame on Sacramento and the courts.

Both are excuses to do nothing.  I find that unacceptable.

That’s why I have developed a realistic, detailed plan to effectively deal with a Homeless Action Plan to resolve this crisis in our city.

Here’s the specifics of my plan:

  • Fully implement Riverside’s new Housing First program to get homeless off our streets as quickly as possible
  • Prevent new homeless by working with faith-based programs and other non-profits to work with families at risk of losing their homes to not wind up on the street
  • Break the cycle of homelessness by requiring job training and substance abuse treatment programs for individuals the city helps
  • Put “Quality of Life” teams on the street to help the mentally ill and identify homeless criminals who should be in jail or prison
  • Stop neighboring cities from using Riverside as a dumping ground for their homeless criminals
  • Have Zero Tolerance for those who continually break our laws, including those who relieve themselves or are intoxicated in public

If you agree with me that it’s time for the politicians to stop talking and for the City to take action to effectively resolve the Homeless Crisis, then I respectfully ask for your vote.

Working together I know that we not only can resolve the Homeless Crisis, but we will improve the overall quality of life throughout all of Riverside.

Paid for by Warren Avery for Riverside City Council, Ward 3, 2019